MasterHUD Pro is a Head-Up-Display that enables the driver to monitor the car’s speed and other parameters while keeping sight on the road.

MasterHUD Pro
MasterHUD Pro

It has been proven that it improves driving safety and avoids possible hazardous situations by having the driver focused on the road.

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Another important aspect of the MasterHUD Pro head-up display is that it shows the live speed, not a GPS calculated one which needs time to update. Thanks to the connection via ODB port directly to the car’s computer.

MasterHUD Pro Review
Master HUD Pro Features

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MasterHUD Pro Features

  • Live Data Streaming From Car’s Computer
  • Real-Time Car Speed Monitoring
  • Automatic Turning On/Off With Ignition
  • Displays Other Alerts Directly On HUD
  • Safer Driving By Live HUD Speed Monitoring
  • Widely Compatible Via OBD Connection
Head-Up Display
MasterHUD Pro

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• This small device makes driving more comfortable
• This is how avoided a $300 penalty and driving license points while speeding
• Study shows that watching car’s instruments while driving is dangerous
• For being a new driver, this invention is a game-changer
• Do you hate the speed radars? Check out this solution
• With this solution, driving with family is much safer
• This is why the police can never catch with those silly speed radars

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Master HUD Pro

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Head-Up Display
Master HUD Pro

MasterHub About

1.25 million people die approximately every year as a result of road traffic crashes. The MasterHub Pro is a driver assistance system that reports timely events that conceal a potential risk to both the driver and pedestrians. The first HUD was developed during World War I in order to help pilots show down enemy planes, so it would no longer have to align the pilot’s head precisely with mechanical sights to make an accurate shot. These devices have expanded to include basic flight information like altitude, airspeed, compass, and artificial horizon indicators. In 1988, GeneralMotors was the first company to install a monochrome HUDin a civilian motor vehicle. A car HUD system is formed by three main parts: (a) the combiner, the surface on which the image is projected; (b) the projector which generates the image and directs it toward the combiner and (c) the computing unit which processes data from different sources and handles the projection.

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Head-Up Display
MasterHUD Pro

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