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Do you wish to have a product that charges your phone without wires? Your wish is our command. Presenting the all-new ‘Winergy,’ the most convenient wireless phone charger. It charges faster than other chargers available in the market. In today’s busy lifestyle, we all need to have wireless chargers that help us in times of need. It’s super-fast and convenient to use. The product is compatible with many various devices. Now never look out for wired chargers and switch to Winergy now! The latest development in technology is here to make your life smoother.

Wireless charging was first seen in a smartphone in 2012 but it’s in the last couple of years that it’s become really popular. While it may not have taken off in the way many expected it to — it’s still largely restricted to flagship smartphones, and in some cases not even there — it’s hard to argue against the convenience of just placing your smartphone on a surface and have it charge without the need of plugging in additional cables.

The important thing to note about wireless charging is that it’s still very much in its nascent stage. The speeds are slow at best, and there’s a lot of fine print that you need need to look at when comparing various chargers. What’s more, the experience you get will vary quite a bit from one smartphone to the other, as was underlined during the course of this story.

Winergy is fast charging Wireless QI Charger which works with all phones that support QI Wireless charging. Read our Winergy Review and Order with an exclusive 50% Discount.

Winergy Wireless Charger Review
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What is the Winergy Wireless Charger?

Smartphones are becoming more and more wireless. With the latest generation of smartphones not even having a headphone connection anymore.

Wireless charging has been the latest feature on a lot of smartphones. What is wireless charging? You basically place your smartphone or tablet on a charging device and it will start charging your phone, no cables required.

The Winergy wireless charger is the latest wireless charging pad and it comes with some unique features. Unique features which a lot of other charging pads on the market do not have such as:The Winergy wireless charging pad is universal and can be used with both Android and iOS devices. A lot of wireless charging pads are only compatible with just Android or iOS but Winergy is compatible with both. Perfect for when you have multiple devices in your household.

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Another great feature of the Winergy wireless charging pad is that it has QI wireless fast charging.  Charging your phone or tablet on other wireless chargers is slow and (potentially) bad for your battery.

But because Winergy uses QI fast charging it can charge your device faster and safer then other charging pads available on the market.

QI is a new standard for wireless charging which uses a technology called induction coils. These induction coils are loops of wire which are built in to the wireless charger and the phone or tablet.

When you place your phone or tablet on the Winergy charger the induction coils transfer electric via electromagnetic fields. This is what charges your device.

The QI is the wireless charging standard of the future. All big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei and Samsung have adopted this standard.

So if you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging you can be pretty sure that your phone uses QI technology and is compatible with the Winergy device.

Winergy also has a smart indication light which tells you when your battery has been fully charged. This not only stops you from wasting electricity but it also stops your device from overcharging which can harm your internal battery.

This wireless charging pad is lightweight and easy to carry. Connecting the device to a charger or computer is easy via the built in Micro-USB connection.

It also has a safety feature which can detect foreign objects such as keys or a pen. The device will not activate when devices other then phones or tablets are placed on the charger.

Another great feature is that is made of non-slip material and due to its size and weight is very portable so you can easily carry it with you while on the go.

Winergy Review

Winergy  Product Specifications

  • Output: 10 watt
  • Connection: Micro-USB
  • Charging system: QI Fast Charge
  • Operating systems: Android & iOS
  • Dimensions:  6 * 100 mm
  • Charging distance: 2 > 8 mm
  • Weight: 64 gram
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Material: Aluminium and ABS
  • Included: USB Cable and Manual

Our Wireless Charger Review

We have been lucky to have been one of the first to try this device. And so far we have been using it around our office for several weeks now.

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Setting up the device is very simple. You unpack it and plug it in, no difficult installation or setup procedures required.

You use the Winergy by simply placing your IQ wireless charging compatiable device on the charging pad and it will start charging. When your phone has been fully charged a small led light will light up and you can use your phone again.

Charging a device is slightly slower then when you use a standard charger with a cable. But the fact that you don’t need any cables makes up for this.

Winergy is an easy to use device for at home or around the office which makes life a lot easier.

What Make Winergy a Revolutionary Wireless Charger?

Designed to Shine: It Looks Great

The smartphone is the most important thing to have in today’s advanced and fast world. The heavy use of smartphones often leads to a low battery level just in the middle of the day. Possibly when you are at your workplace. You need a charger that can follow you around wherever.

From every day responsibilities to traveling with friends. Winergy is designed just for that! Light as a feather and small as a smartphone. It is designed to fit everywhere and you won’t even notice it. It’s actually one of the thinnest wireless chargers in the world.

Upgraded Technology Faster Charging and  Stronger Body

Winergy wireless charger is upgraded with advanced technology that helps you to charge your smartphone faster than ever. “And what if I have a thick phone case and need to take it off every time?” you might ask. The answer is pretty simple!

Once your battery is fully charged, a smart light will alert you. It has a charging distance about a centimeter that can get through any phone case you probably use. This 10-Watt powerful charger can face any obstacle any day.

Android or iOS? Winergy Is Compatible To All Devices

Winergy is here for everyone! It’s compatible with all devices both Android and iOS. Even if you have one of each, or have a roommate with different smartphone software, you can charge them all with no trouble.

It is obvious to often find yourself annoying with the software of your smartphone? Android users have some advantages and iOS users have others. Winergy makes both of them come together and share a common charger without any hassle.

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Who Is This For?

wireless charger

A wireless charger is for anyone who owns a smartphone that supports the Qi wireless-charging standard—including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR, the past few generations of Samsung Galaxy phones, and the Google Pixel 3—and would like to charge it without plugging a cord into the phone itself. With a Qi charger, you just rest your device on the charging pad to power it up.

A wireless charger also frees up the Lightning-connector or USB-C port so you can use wired headphones while charging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wireless charger faster?

You probably have heard about wireless charging is slower than wired. Although this was the case a few years back, the former has evolved. The latest smartphone with fast wireless charging capability will likely charge faster than phones on standard wired charging. Nothing beats the speed of fast wired charging

Does wireless charging stop when the battery is full?

Your phone will stop charging once the battery is full — but power will trickle in to keep it fully charged until you unplug it.

Do wireless chargers ruin your battery?

It’s true! Wireless Charging Will Not Hurt Your Phone Battery Life. Well, to be specific, the heat generated during wireless charging will not damage your phone battery?

Are cheap wireless chargers bad?

We’ve noticed that fast charging via wired chargers, technology that is getting speedier all the time, can make your phone very hot, which can’t be good for the battery, but that’s another question. Cheap Wireless chargers might damage your battery health.


Wireless chargers are the future and while writing the review on this amazing gadget. I found it to be the best match according to the price as well. Buy Winergy at discounted price for a limited period of time. No more tangled wires.

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