Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It says a lot about your sense of style and attitude. Read about TotalTrim Pro review.

We’ve come to rely entirely on barbers to keep our hair looking slick. So what do you do when you can’t get to the barbershop? Give up and embrace the caveman look? No!

TotalTrim Pro is here to help you take hair back into your own hands. This new hair trimmer tool can help you and the men in your life get that sleek, dapper look without leaving the house.

What is TotalTrim Pro?

What is TotalTrim Pro?

TotalTrim Pro is a cordless hair trimmer prepping pack that offers get passage to proficient preparing motion pictures also, showing clients an approach to arise as their own personal hairdresser with various instructional exercises. The trimmers offer clasp on manual brushes and hostile to rust edges to give the accuracy that buyers need to have for their exact appearance whether cutting, managing or styling.

With FREE Access to Professional Barber Master Classes, the TotalTrim Pro set is known as the last mens prepping apparatus for a rationale and examining an approach to cut, trim and style like an expert has in no way, shape or form been more straightforward.

Features of Total Trim Pro

  • Practical And Easy To Use Cordless Hair Cutting Machine
  • Versatile Combs For Different Trimming Lengths Selections
  • Effective Beard Trimming With No Hassle Regardless Of Hair Density
  • Stainless Steel Mechanism With Sharp Razors For Easy Trimming
  • Rust Proof Razors With Minimal Friction, Lubrication Included
  • Easy To Use And Portable With Rechargeable Battery

TotalTrim Pro Video Review

What are the different usable heads that come along with TOTALTRIM PRO?

Total Trim Pro Multiple Heads Hair Trimming Machine provides the complete grooming kit and lubricant oil in the pack. The contents of this package are shipped in a hard cardboard box so that the product does not get damaged in the shipping and delivery. The contents which people get are:

  • Primary trimmer head:This is the biggest trimmer head. It is for trimming the hair on the head or the beard which has grown long. It can trim from the range of 1mm to 6 mm. This number is done for the length of hair to be left and not the hair to be trimmed.
  • Secondary trimmer head:It is a precision head and can trim off hair to an even smaller scale. People can use it to get a finer beard or get a zero-sized beard. The hair size goes from 0.5mm to 3mm.
  • Shaver:This is also a trimmer head but it kind of plucks out the finest hair threads and makes it look like the user has shaved.
  • Roundhead trimmer:As the name suggests, it has a round small head that can be used to cut ear hair, eyebrow hair, or nose hair.

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How does a hair Clipper work?

Electric hair clippers operate in precisely, the same manner as manual ones. But electric clippers get power from an electrical motor. It makes the blades oscillate from side to side.

Slowly, they have displaced manual hair clippers in several nations. There are three distinct motor types in clipper manufacturing: magnetic, recoil and inkjet.

Then, the AC (alternating current) generates a cycle which relaxes it and brings it to some spring. Therefore, to create torque and speed. It is to push the clipper-cutter round the shaving-blade.

Price & Discount

Price of this amazing hair dresser is $79.99. Available at 50% off discounted price for a limited period of time.

  • 2 hair dressers for $118.82
  • 4 hair dresser at $178.74

The manufacturer has stated that if you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days.

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