The Protector Pitch is a  personal safety alarm key holder that provides users with immediate self-defense action due to a loud audible sound that is easy to carry and has a long battery life to ensure maximum protection in case of a timely need.

Here is a full Protector Pitch review to optimally understand how the personal alarm works for immediate safety needs.

The New Innovation for Safety

The Protector Pitch is perfect for those people who are afraid of walking alone down the street, especially at night, and those who don’t feel safe when using public transportation.

pitch protector

It doesn’t matter the situation, this keychain safety device can help anyone defend him or herself by calling for help when in danger.

Personal alarms such as the Protector Pitch are developed to ensure the safety of everyone. It’s hard to fight back when threatened, so a little bit of extra protection can be a lifesaver when someone is attempting to hurt another.

There are many personal defense devices available on the market, from pepper sprays to tasers and expandable batons. Still, protector pitch innovatively does its job and doesn’t make attackers feel angry because it won’t even be noticed.

It’s a device that should be hung on your vehicle’s keychain and makes an extreme sound to draws attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger.

With up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it, then re-insert the pin to stop. It won’t hurt your ears when the alarm sounds, and the pin is pulled.

Protector Pitch is legal to use in all the US states for use as a personal defense item. It alerts those in the proximity of victims of an attack, not to mention it makes a loud enough sound to disorient attackers.

What is Protector Pitch Personal Alarm?

Protector Pitch is a Personal Alarm that has been made to ensure everyone’s safety. When it is tough to fight, then small protection such as protector pitch can also save your life. This protector pitch does this job smartly and innovatively, and it is not easy to detect.


  • Internationally approved: in some countries, using Swiss knives, pepper-sprays, or electric shock weapons even for self-defense is illegal. Meanwhile, Protector Pitch is a legal and approved self-defense tool everywhere in the world.
  • Loud sound: as soon as the tip is pulled your attacker will be blasted with 130dB sound, which is enough to stop them in their tracks and get other people’s attention.
  • Small and compact: fitting in your pocket and possible to hang on a bag or keychain, Protector Pitch is discreet and can be carried around anywhere with you.
  • Durable: made from sturdy materials, this device will not break upon fall, which means that your attacker will have a hard time trying to silence it.
  • Long battery life: you can use Protector Pitch for quite a long time before needing to replace it. To check if the battery is running out simply do a quick sound test. If it’s getting quiet – it’s time to change batteries.
  • Ready to use: the first standard LR44x3 batteries are included, so you can begin using Protector Pitch straight out of the package.

How does Protector Pitch work?

You can attach it wherever it’s convenient for you – on your bag strap, belt, keys, or just keep it in your pocket. It is proven that offenders experience a great level of fear when approaching their targets, even if it may not seem so, hence anything that would go outside their plan would startle them enough to give you a tactical advantage, or a chance to escape the situation. If you feel like you might be in danger, simply grab your Protector Pitch and pull-out the pin. The device will then emit a shrieking alarm which will startle the offender enough to give you a chance to defend yourself or escape, as well as grab the attention of the passers-by or even the people living in the surrounding buildings. Losing control over the situation and potentially attracting witnesses, the offender might flee themselves, and you’ll end up safe and sound.

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What Makes the Protector Pitch Personal Alarm Special?

The protector pitch personal alarm can be bought  as 1 item, also in a pack of 2 and 3 at better prices. Those who decide to get a pack of 2 or 3 can share the protector Pitch devices with their family or keep one in every bag.

Making a piercing sound, this personal alarm keeps attackers away and gives the victim enough time to run and hide or help to arrive.  Powered by 3 LR44 standard batteries that can be easily replaced and are included in the package, so Protector Pitch is ready to use right out of its box. Besides, this alarm is encased in an ABS plastic that prevents it from breaking or being crushed. It’s available in 3 colors: White, Light Blue, and Pink.

Furthermore, it looks good on the keychain and not at all suspicious, which means the attackers don’t become agitated when seeing it. It looks just like a standard and decorative keychain item.

Protector Pitch Review: Self-Defense Key Holder Alarm 2

As a bonus, it won’t consume too much battery energy. The LR44 batteries have a long life, and the batteries have a 365-day standby time, so those who decide to use this personal alarm can rest assured they won’t be out of a battery, and they’re protected when in need.

Pros and Cons of Protector Pitch


  • Good for Self-Defense
  • With loud noise people can come to your help immediately
  • It is battery- operated alarm system that means it will work even if there is no electricity.
  • It comes with a keychain so it is very to easy to carry and you can carry it with you everywhere.


  • It can be misplaced or stolen easily as it is a small device.
  • Its plastic material is not strong enough.

Is Perfect Pitch Expensive?

Perfect Pitch typically costs $78, but now comes with an amazing discount of 50%, so it’s available at only $39 apiece.

Those who want to buy 2 Perfect Pitch alarms can purchase them for only $79, whereas 3 Perfect Pitch alarms cost $99. Payments can be made via MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and PayPal. Shipping is FREE, no matter how many devices are being ordered.

Customer Reviews of Protector Pitch Personal Alarm.

Eliot H.

I travel a lot and I don’t always feel safe in some particular areas… I don’t usually buy stuff from the internet but I couldn’t resist! It works pretty well. Very handy. I carry it on my keys. Perfect!


I bought it for my grandkids. They are starting to get around on their own and I was a little bit worried. I had a talk with them and I told them how to use this. Definitely I recommend it!

Laura A.

I used to carry pepper spray with me always but I wasn’t satisfied. This product made me feel way more confident when walking around alone. I carry it with me always.


I purchased this because I was concerned about the possibility of being left with no assistance should I have a problem when out and about on my mobility scooter. This will ensure I will be heard I hope.

Robert Craig.

After my accident I started using a wheel chair.Sometimes I tell my aide not to push me outside that I want to do it myself.So when i am at the garden and I mistakenly fall out from the chair I press the alarm and it alerts my aide to come to my aid.This thing has a vast utility.

Protector Pitch Review

It’s a device that should be hung on your vehicle’s keychain and makes an extreme sound to draw attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger. With up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it, then re-insert the pin to stop. It won’t hurt your ears when the alarm sounds, and the pin is pulled.

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