All love to keep the digital memories in physical photo format. For that, you have to go to a printing shop to print the photo. Do yo have some digital memories which you want to print? Get the PrintX Pro and read our review on this product. How does it work, price and features. This review is about PrintX Pro, a portable Bluetooth thermal printer that brings your digital memories to life and allows you to print on stickers and labels. According to their sales page, this printer uses thermal technology, so you will never worry about ending ink or ink consumption. Importantly, it works well with Apple iOS, Google Android, and MS Windows.

Our team at Top10Gadgets does all the research to provide the most relevant information on every product. Let’s read about this amazing gadget and how it can help you.

What is PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro is a portable bluetooth thermal printer which helps you to bring your digital memories into life. No need to visit any store for print out when the same thing could be done at your home with this device.

PrintXPro is a complete, portable Bluetooth thermal printer, which is designed to print and save a physical record of digital photos. This printer allows you to print all your digital memories at home without having to visit any printing store. It’s easy to carry around and connects easily to get started.

Its Bluetooth connectivity supports Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows devices. There are no worries of replacing and top up ink. It prints photos in 203 dpi high-quality resolution and size. Perfect for both experts and beginners.

The PrintX Pro’s process is black and white printing. Its built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-term printing capability. Also, support micro USB cable to print from non-Bluetooth devices. It allows us to make the photo stylish with the PeriPage app.

The complete thermal printer prevents the risks and difficulties of replacing and refilling ink each time it’s depleted. Print X pro is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect nearly any Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. This allows you to print your favorite images in high quality and size.

Importantly, PrintX Pro is portable and can easily fit into your pocket. This makes it easy to move around wherever you go. A great supplement for your digital camera, this printer works instantly and saves time and printing expenses. Besides, it works well for both amateurs and professionals.

Easy to carry and no hard work required to connect or make it work.

  • Mini & Cute Appearance: Small and lightweight body, can be put in your pocket or bag, easy to take it anywhere. The best gift for students, office workers, lovers, friends, family.
  • Printing All You Like: Support multiple functions, it can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR Code and so on. The APP offers a variety of fonts and themes to make your photos stylish.
  • Linking Method: Support Wireless BT 4.0 connected with smartphone and USB cable connected with PC. Please follow the user guide to download relative APP(PeriPage)/driver on your devices.
  • Environment Friendly: Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery, working in low noise, the thermal printer does not need ink cartridge when using, low operation cost.
  • Thermal Paper Specs: Printer with high quality print head, can print 57mm(width)x30mm(roll diameter) thermal paper, 203DPI resolution, good printing quality.
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The technical specs of the printer:

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ModelPrintX Pro
Printing processBlack and white thermal printing
Paper width57 mm (2.24”)
Paper roll diameter30 mm (1.18”)
Printing resolution203 dpi
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 or Micro USB
Battery capacity1000 mAh
Weight155 g (0.34 lb)
ColourPink, blue, white
Dimensions79×79×42 mm (3.1×3.1×1.65”)

PrintX Pro Features

Print X Pro provides a wide range of features that makes it more efficient and effective than other printers. It will be the best partner for business, home and office. Let’s overview the features.

Instant thermal printing:

Print X Pro prints digital photos with the thermal printing method. It uses thermal paper instead of ink, so no need to worry about the ink. Generally quieter, faster and more efficient than other printers. Can print photos, labels and messages.

Backup and Connectivity:

With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 function, it supports Android, iOS and Windows. Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery works continuously for a long time. It has a micro USB port to print files from non-Bluetooth devices.

Printing with customization:

PrintX Pro is linked with a default app that allows me to print all files. The app offers to make the printing stylish with fonts and themes. It can print 58mm wide thermal paper. Its high-performance 203 DPI print head offers clear printing.


The thermal roll printing is completely safe for the environment. No need for ink or cartridges to use PrintX Pro. Also, it is battery-powered and uses low power consumption and cost. It doesn’t make a noise like a regular printer.

Compact and lightweight:

It is smaller than our regular used smartphone. Easily fits in the pocket. Suitable for outdoor working environments. Print necessary files anytime, anywhere.  The mini appearance printing gadget is perfect for professionals and beginners.

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How does PrintX Pro Printer work?

The Print X Pro Reviews employs Thermal paper printing is reproducing images. It does not make use of ink cartridges like traditional printers instead, it makes use of a special thermal paper that turns black ( or gives shades of black) when subjected to heat and pressure by the printer. The technique is generally cost-effective as you only have to spend money on affordable special paper instead of ink cartridge and paper. Its accompanying smartphone app offers an improved user experience.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro portable printer’s use is easier than other wireless printers. I have presented the steps to use the PrintX Pro. See below:

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?
  • Step 1: Take a phone and open the app or play store.
  • Step 2: Find out the “Peripage” app and install it completely on the phone.
  • Step 3: Choose the type of smartphone and turn on the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Step 4: Turn on PrintX Pro and pair it through the smartphone using Bluetooth. On the app, the printer name is shown as Pocketprint™.

PrintX Pro supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Once PrintX Pro is paired with the device, you can easily print photos and others anytime, anywhere. It prints a photo within half a minute keeping the original quality. I never worry about the ink and paper after getting the PrintX Pro.

How to use PrintX Pro Mini Portable Thermal Printers? (Video Review)

The PrintX Pro printer is easy to handle, with no complex method included in its operation. To get started, all you need to do is to connect your device, which could be a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth enabled device. Once connected, you can easily print the image.Additionally, you can download the printer’s official app from the Google play store or i-store free. The package comes with a detailed video to illustrate how the printer works. The tutorial video is available on their official website.

  • You can download a Free APP from Google by searching” Peripage” for your PC or Mobile.
  • Free iOS APP, just search the “Peripage” on the APP Store
  • Connect any type of smartphone easily and quickly with the Pocketprint™ trough Bluetooth within a few seconds.

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Who Is PrintX Pro Perfect For?

PrintX Pro is an especially instant printer for both business interested and home users Also people who are amateur in the photography field find this Print X Pro more useful and it is also suitable for the following list of people.

  • People who are freelancers
  • Photographers
  • graphic designers
  • People who are editors
  • Crafters find this product very useful for printing designs and paper packs
  • printing companies 
  • travelers
  • vloggers
  • bloggers

Why should you get a PrintX Pro?

  • A Great Build – The PrintX Pro is made from durable material that is resistant to breaking. It is light without sacrificing build quality. It also cute to look at and would make a great gift for your family or friends.
  • Great Fonts – Using the app, you can select fonts and themes to make your creations better and more colorful. All you have to do is connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth and start printing whatever you like.
  • Affordable – Compared to more stablished brands, PrintX Pro offers you a superb product that delivers what it promises, without breaking the bank.
  • Ease of Use – All you need to do to use the PrintX Pro thermal printer, is charge it, turn it on, connect it to your phone or PC (with the relevant driver installed) and start printing.

Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro does not require ink to print. It uses thermal technology and provides high-quality printing instantly. Connect the PrintX Pro with the smartphone through Bluetooth and print photos, labels, stickers, etc. Does not sound while printing and ensures durable print quality.

PrintX Pro Review Update 2023 - Trusted Review 2

The portable thermal printer can be used anywhere. Besides, the zero-maintenance cost of the Print X Pro makes it more user-friendly.  In all weather conditions, it works better. Compatible with all types of BT-enabled devices. With the micro USB port, you can print from non-Bluetooth devices. For these handy features and instant printing, you must have the Print X Pro.

Why Should You Buy the PrintX Pro?

To begin with, Print X Pro printer saves time by allowing you to print instantly. The package comes with a black and white thermal printing technology and a 57mm printing paper, which other printers of this caliber don’t offer. Besides, the printer has a quite durable battery with a capacity of 1000mAh.

Owing to its compact size and being lightweight, it doesn’t consume space and easily fits in your luggage. The printer is available in three color variants and an attractive design. It has advanced Bluetooth connectivity of 4.0 range and a micro USB port that comes in handy for data transferring.

PrintX Pro Review

Being a photographer, people sometimes ask for instant photos and other camera with printer cost way too much. I heard of PrintX Pro and after reading the PrintX Pro Review, I decided to order one for self.

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Received my order after one week and now, I can work without any worry and doubled my income with the help of PrintX Pro. If you are a photographer or a travel blogger, PrintX Pro is the best solution for you!

What do you get in a PrintX Pro Printer Reviews Order box?
  • 1*pocket printer
  • 1*USB data cable
  • 1*Photographic paper
  • 1*Instruction

Products Details

PrintX Pro Review Update 2023 - Trusted Review 3

Pros and Cons of Print X Pro


  • Very Easy To Use By Anyone
  • Android and iOS APP
  • Instant High Quality Printing
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.

How to Buy PrintX Pro

Those looking to buy this product can immediately visit the official website and grab this product, which provides a Satisfaction Guarantee and the purchase.

Buy-PrintX Pro Now
Price Of PrintX Pro

Pricing plans are as follows:

  • 3 PrintX Pro + 2 free at $59 each for a total of $297
  • 2 PrintX Pro + 1 free at $66 each for a total of $197
  • 1 PrintX Pro at $99
  • 4 PrintX Pro at $62 each for a total of $249

Frequently Asked Question

Can other Apps use the Print X Pro to Print?

Other Apps need to be compatible with the printer technically, we will work with them and release the function in future.

Does it need ink cartridge?

No need, the printer head heat the thermal paper coating dot by dot and creates text or picture.

Can it have color printing?

It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink. There is color photo printers in the market

Who all can use printx pro?

printx pro transportable thermal printer is a superb alternative for people who wants to print art or pictures on small paper size. individuals who need their content material in much less time with high pleasant and much less paper utilization could make terrific utilization of this product. human beings like photographers, designers, architects, etc can use this product for his or her paintings motive as it offers a print in high satisfactory. people also can use it for day-to-day existence because it may be used as a polaroid printer but with even higher first-class. thus, the product is of amazing choice for regular usage too. printx seasoned can as a result be used by people in lots of methods.

Does it actually have a guarantee?

printx pro comes with the right international guarantee. the product is protected with a assure of three hundred and sixty five days over all forms of production defects and if there may be any, the product is replaced by using the agency with the carrier group being sent at the door of the person.

Is Smart PrintX Device A Scam Or Real?

PrintX Pro is a finished convenient printer that causes the client to print and save an actual record of computerized memories. As said in PrintX Pro audits, the printer is a finished warm printer that evades the dangers and challenges of supplanting and filling ink in it. PrintX Pro accompanies a stunning Bluetooth availability which permits you to associate practically all devices accompanies Bluetooth network and encourages you print your #1 pictures in extremely progressed quality and size.

PrintX Pro is versatile to such an extent that it fits in your pocket and you will have the option to haul it around anyplace and use it in a flash without visiting any store for this purpose. Also, this PrintX Pro is truly appropriate for both beginner and expert use, the fundamental bit of leeway of this PrintX Pro is that it can save a great deal of valuable time which is needed for a typical printing reason.

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