iTrack GPS Tracker Review: In today’s life, a car is part and parcel of living. Not only that, there is a unique relationship between you and your car, only a true car lover, knows the value of that love he or she gets after using their cars for a while.

Now imagine you parked your car and the next time you come to see it, it has disappeared into nothingness. What will be your reaction? A heartbreak is guaranteed. Well, not necessarily if you have the cover of our iTrack GPS tracker.

Now, this isn’t the only reason you should get it. At times, you lend your car to your friend but want to know what he or she is doing with your beauty, well this app allows you to keep track of that too. So in short if you are that person, who takes the security of his car very seriously, then this is the best app for you

 iTrack- An Introduction

iTrack GPS Tracker Review

No matter where you go, no matter whether the place is familiar or now, iTrack keeps the location of your car on your fingertips. It uses its ultra-precise sensors to keep the exact location of your car at your fingertips.

Not only that, it gives you all the information within a jiffy. So no matter whether you have forgotten the place of your parking, or your car got stolen or anything else that relates to the tracking of your car, this software is the gold standard.

itrack GPS tracker

So how does iTrack GPS Tracker work?

The whole job of tracking is done by 2 main things. The tracker fits into the diagnostic port of your car, and of course, your phone, which runs the iTrack app. Now don’t despair, if you are an android user, as the name of the app sounds an apple only app.

This app runs on both android and iPhone. Besides setting this up isn’t any rocket science and you don’t need a subscription too to avail it. It is simple and easy to set up, so every customer isn’t irked by the complexities. Just make sure that you have a sim card with a data plan on your phone and your car should be manufactured after 1996.

So here is how it is done.

First look for the diagnostic port of your car, as its location is variable for different cars. Once you are done doing that, plugin it the OBD tracker.

Then download the free iTrack app from iOS or play store.

Make an account in it and connect your device with the OBD tracker.

Once you are done, then the real magic begins. Now no matter where you are, in a hustling bustling busy location, unfamiliar places, or if your car got stolen, you need not worry because the iTrack app covers you

Guess what? We aren’t done yet. iTrack GPS Tracker can do a lot more things than just keeping the track of your car. If your driver is driving your car in absence of if your friend is doing so, you can easily know, if they driving safe or rash.

It tells you about the speed at which your car is driven, besides you will know the places your car has traveled. All of it is at your fingertips

Uses of iTrack GPS App?

If you are working in a car company, and you are in charge, then definitely this app is a must-have for you First in 100s of cars you need to locate one, using your conventional memory may be hectic or less rewarding but once you have this app you can easily track it.

Besides you want to keep a track of the employees, how they drive, how fast they go, do they drive safely or not. All of it will be at your fingertips. Moreover, if your car got stolen you easily hunt it down. These reasons justify why it is a must-have app if you are in charge of cars.

If you are a family head, this tool is a must-have for you. Let us say you got a new car, and your children are driving it. Young adults with adrenaline rush they have as you know.

Now to make sure that your kids are driving at a safe speed is all you need to know, and this is where iTrack comes in handy. Moreover, if you want them to avoid taking the car at the wrong hours, you can achieve that too, via keeping a track of your car all the time. This not only saves ensures the safety of your family but also ensures that they are using the car for good things only

If you are the type of person, who lives or has to work at a busy place or more so visits the busiest jammed places, then this app is suitable for you. At such places, you often forget where you had parked your car.

For an ordinary person, this is a great degree of pain as you will require a lot of effort and time to locate your car. But with this app, you can easily overcome it, and wonder even in the busiest places as you will be sure that your car location is on your fingertips, no matter where you go.

itrack GPS tracker

Why iTrack and not other GPS tracking apps?

Well, the answer is simple. The cost and the quality offered outclasses every app in its competition. You talk about the speed of operation nothing matches it. You talk about precision, this app stands at the top. You talk about the simplicity and user-friendly nature again this app stands at the top.

Moreover, it is available on both android and iPhone and you don’t need a high-end phone to operate it, because the app supports mid and even low-end phones. The whole setup isn’t complex and it takes a few minutes only to set up everything.

The app doesn’t freeze and crash and that ensures that everything is on your fingertips. The customer service is what defines us. The professionals address and solve the issues of the costumers in real-time.

In short iTrack app is a complete package for the safety of your car as well as those running it. It not only justifies its cost but also stands ahead of every other tool in its competition.


If you are that car lover, to whom the completeness of caretaking of a car is important, this app is a must-have for you. It not only keeps your car safe but also ensures that other people who use your car are using it right away.

If you are that parent, who wants to ensure that his kids are using the car safely, then this is surely a must-have for you. It will ensure their safety as well as let you keep track of the right timing of coming and leaving home.

If you are a boss at a car company, to keep track of your employees operating and testing your cars, this app is a must-have for you. Moreover, it makes tracking of a car from 100s of other cars very easy.

itrack GPS tracker


Does the iTrack app only run on iOS

No it is made for both apple and android.

Do I need a subscription for setting up an account.

No you don’t need a subscription for setting up the account.

How long does the battery of this tool last.

One charge will easily last for up to 6 days.

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