Looking for a gift for your photography crazy friend? DroneX Pro is perfect for anyone who is an avid photographer and wants to take his/her interest in photography to the next level. Nowadays, capturing the adventurous moments of life is very common.

People like to preserve their memories by saving the pictures and videos of their journey. Professionals commonly use drones for taking cinematic shots of their adventures, which they can use for their vlogs or other purposes.

Pro is a lightweight device that can be folded easily.

It is precisely designed to deliver good quality imaging and a comfortable flight of the drone.

It helps to take cinematic shots and create high-quality content.

The DroneX Pro has a camera attached beneath it, and four rotors are also present alongside it, which help capture breath-taking scenes. Additionally, you are not required to have any flying experience. You can efficiently operate this drone with the help of remote control. Your mobile phone needs to be attached to the remote control for the purpose.

DroneX Pro is used extensively by professional photographers and bloggers to take fantastic indoor and outdoor shots. It truly makes the adventure more exciting.

The DroneX Pro series

Engineered with precision and specially curated DroneX Pro, is a perfect device for all photographing enthusiasts. It has many world-class features and has a high-quality camera attached to it. Never limit your adventures and explore this world with DroneX Pro.

The DroneX Pro is a foldable device that allows a smooth function and makes the drone highly portable. It is the leading producer of the DroneX series.

The premium quality flight experience is a fantastic feature of  DroneX Pro. This lightweight device is designed by professional engineers with precision to provide you the high-quality action shots and unlimited adventure.

The DroneX Pro offers you stunning images and videos at a lower price than other so-called professional drones available in the market.

Working of DroneX Pro:

You can take your DroneX Pro everywhere you roam. The foldable design of this device gives you the freedom to use it as per your convenience. The blades of this device can be folded easily. It is so compact that you can hold your drone in your palms.

The battery of this drone can be charged as quickly as to be full in about an hour. You can buy additional batteries, in case you need them for a long journey.

The foldable blades provide ease of carrying the drone with you everywhere. And you are provided with some spare blades in case you need to replace the original ones. You can conveniently carry your compact DroneX Pro in your bag wherever you go.

Theenables you to capture high-quality pictures with a 12mp camera and allow HD recordings of videos.  It can record videos at 120 frames in a second. You capture panoramic views with its 360° capturing capacity.

The trending slow-motion feature is also provided with it. Now, it is easier to see the highlights of the adventures again and again in HD quality.

The DroneX Pro has a flight time of 12 minutes, and you don’t need to take the device back or change the battery.

The DroneX Pro is engineered with inbuilt gravity sensors that prohibit colliding and ensure a smooth flight. The sensors attached to the drone examine the surface and avoid any hurdles in its path. If any obstacle is detected, the drone alters the direction of flight.

The remote control is provided with the drone. Its design comprises of two sticks, which act as steering. Several buttons are present on the remote control to ensure effortless control of the device.

A smartphone can be linked to this drone so that you can have access to the live pictures taken by the camera attached to the drone. For this, you are required to ensure that your smartphone’s Wi-Fi is turning on. Connect your phone with the drone over Wi-Fi before flying it. Now, start the recording with the help of the drone app.

Who is the most benefitted with the DroneX Pro?

 Anyone who wishes to take professional pictures and videos will be highly benefitted by using DroneX Pro. It is lightweight and foldable, thus can be carried easily. It is portable and compact. Take your DroneX Pro with you to all your adventurous tours and make your journey memorable and exciting.

Premium features:

•      Foldable and compact

•      Lightweight

•      12-megapixel camera

•      6-Axis Gryo

•      Built-in stabilization technology

•      3D rolls and flips

•      Headless mode

•      Safe landing ability.

•      maximum transmission distance of 2km

The DroneX Pro is the fastest drone in this size category. It operates at 12 m/sec speed.

It can take a successful flight at lower speeds and hover around to capture high-quality photographs.

The default camera settings of this drone are of a professional level. You can make boomerangs and take asteroid shots with it. There are multiple modes for creating videos.

You can also share your creations, pictures, and videos, the very same moment you capture them. It is possible because the drone is linked directly to your smartphone through Wi-Fi.

Value for money:

The DroneX Pro is as right as the professional drones. Additionally, it has a light and compact design. It can even beat many high priced drones with its durability and precisely designed model. Yet, the DroneX Pro comes at very convenient pricing. It is indeed the top model drone available in the market.

A must buy a product:

The DroneX Pro indeed provides an exciting experience throughout your adventures. It has brought about a revolution in the drone industry.

It would be best to avail of this fantastic combination of value for money and professional quality features.

The limited stock of this drone is currently eligible for free shipping. Order now to own this professional quality DroneX Pro. You will also be eligible to get a drone free of cost if you order two drones.

The fantastic design and HD quality of pictures and videos taken with this drone make it the most desirable drone.  You can avail it at the best price by ordering now. Be quick!

Do you have to install any app to control the drone?

Yes, you are required to download DroneX Pro on your smartphone for this. The app is compatible with iOS, Android both. With the app you can control the drone with your mobile only and also receive live location feed.

Can you use the drone for security purposes?

No, DroneX Pro is made for recreational purpose. Drones that are used for security purposes need to have a better camera and range than DroneX Pro. They are also more expensive.

Does DroneX Pro have an in-built Wi-Fi?

Yes, DroneX Pro uses 2.4GHz radio frequency and has an in-built Wi-Fi system.