Are you still putting up with the conventional AC which disturbs your peace of mind and leaves you worried about how to settle your electricity bills? Are you still feeling confused and worried about how to go about the scorching heat this summer as the heat wave intensifies? We bring you good news as we have invented a new device to help you stay cool and refreshed without being distressed by high electricity bills!

The CoolDown pro cooling unit, just as its name states, is professionally designed for a rapid cooling effect and consumes minimal electricity power, thus, saving you from insane electric bills.

So many CoolDown Pro Reviews have found the personal fan/ neck cooler has become a good cooling solution to get through the hot summer days. Is CoolDown Pro as good as they paint it? You will find out in this review. This review will be discussing CoolDown pro while detailing its features, benefits, pros and cons, and where to get this genuine cooling device. This review is sure to aid you to make well-informed decisions when choosing the perfect personal cooling unit to stay cool and refreshed throughout this season. Read on!

What is CoolDown Pro?

CoolDown Pro is a high-tech cooling device that helps you beat the sweltering heat hands down in seconds with its instant cooling effect. This personal cooling unit comes in a headset design and its cordless and super lightweight nature allows you to take it wherever you go to enjoy coolness from the cold pads of this unique cooling unit all day and all night.

CoolDown Pro comes with a strong battery capacity which is rechargeable and can be charged using the Type-C USB cable which comes with the package. Aside from making available instant coolness at all times, this next-generation cooling unit is designed to help you save energy as it uses minimal electrical power, thus, saving you from sky-high electricity bills known for using conventional AC.

In addition, CoolDown pro comes with a noise-free profile that allows no noise while it is in operation, thus, letting you enjoy your sleep undisturbed and work undistracted. This miniature cooling headset does not emit any toxic substances or chemicals and is very safe for usage without endangering the lives of humans or making the environment unconducive to healthy living. CoolDown pro comes with a pocket-friendly tag which makes it very affordable and allows you to beat the heatwave this summer.

Features of CoolDown Pro

  • Portability: So many Customer CoolDown Pro Reviews love that they can wear the CoolDown Pro on their necks wherever they go in order to experience nonstop cool airflow. This amazing neck cooler comes with a long runtime of up to 30 hours, which means you will not have to worry about the scorching midday sweats.
  • Adjustability: The CoolDown Pro comes with an adjustable feature that allows users to choose between 3 different fan speed modes ranging from low, medium, to high for the perfect temperature. The neck cooler is also built for a secure but loose fit on whoever wears it. CoolDown Pro is easy to slip right over your head, such that it can stay comfortably in place during any light activity.
  • It is Simple and Easy to Use:  The CoolDown Pro is a top-notch neck cooler that is quite simple to use. It features vents that are fully adjustable, this of course guarantees your custom comfort.
  • It is Rechargeable: This CoolDown Pro features a big rechargeable 3000mAh battery that lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Cold pads: The CoolDown pro cooling device comes with cooling pads that help in lowering the temperature when it goes up.
  • Different cooling levels: CoolDown pro has different cooling levels which leave you with options of the level of coolness you want in your space.
  • Noiseless profile during operation: This unique cooling unit comes with a no-noise profile which allows you to stay focused while working as well as enjoy your sleep undisturbed.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: This cooling unit has a built-in battery which is charged by connecting this cooling unit to the main power source using a Type-C USB cable.
  • Ergonomic design: This portable cooling device comes in an ergonomic design as it has no complicated controls or functions and needs no technical know-how or even installation.
  • Durable outer casing: CoolDown pro has a sturdy and robust design as it is built to withstand certain levels of mishandling such as falls.
  • Premium technology materials: CoolDown pro is made of the very best ABS materials. Its top-grade technology materials speak loud of its durability.

Benefits of the CoolDown Pro Neck Cooler

  • Moment cooling: Have you been looking for a method for getting the temperature around you down? In the event that indeed, look no further considering the way that the CoolDown Pro goes with amazing highlights which get you cooled right away. You don’t have to hang tight for long to feel strengthened in light of the fact that the CoolDown Pro cooling contraption guarantees you don’t have to encounter a solitary snapshot of sweat.
  • Cool yourself anyplace you are: CoolDown Pro accompanies a minimal and cordless plan which permits you to take it with you anyplace you go. You can put this cooling device on your end table while resting and partake in various significant lengths of persistent rest. You can accept it with you as you move and work around your house, be it in your kitchen, grass, garage, or studio, and be sure of experiencing no misery or sweating.
  • Movability: CoolDown Pro is reduced in size as it has commonly its fundamental highlights fitting perfectly into a little space. This element simplifies it for you to slip it into your rucksack as you travel or go on an experience. In like manner, this cooling device is cordless and lightweight and these features make it accommodating for convenience. How you can take this cooling unit with you anyplace you go helps you with beating the extraordinary intensity both inside and outside while staying cool anyplace you are.
  • Incredible energy saver, which assists you with saving money: Are your pockets dried on account of the conventional cooling units’ very high power bills? In the event that you are searching for a method for saving energy as you cool your space? Then, CoolDown Pro is great for you. We understand the way that numerous people stay totally discerning concerning the devices they use around their home so as not to increment power bills. This is our justification for thinking about this cooling unit which is an astounding energy saver as it uses immaterial power. With CoolDown Pro, you get to save energy and save yourself the pressure of reasoning over how to settle power bills and you get to save cash as well.
  • Easy to use: This battery-controlled cooling contraption is intended for simple activity by all. It has no irksome controls or confounded works and needs no establishment or specialized skill to work it. Its straightforward quality has made this cooling unit beguiling by far the most.
  • Silent activity: Are you burnt out on the loud murmuring sound made by the standard cooling units during the activity which causes you restless evenings and occupied days? Then, it’s incredible you discard them and purchase the CoolDown Pro cooling device. The CoolDown Pro goes with a clamor-free profile which permits you to rest and work with close to no disrupting impacts.
  • Premium innovation materials: CoolDown Pro is made of top-quality innovation materials which permit you to appreciate coolness all through the extreme summer heat. This cooling contraption goes with a quality inherent battery-powered battery which perseveres for stretched-out timeframes preceding requiring a re-energize, and it is designed with a strong external packaging to have the option to get through specific degrees of mishandling, for instance, falls without being harmed. The prevalent idea of CoolDown Pro cooling unit talks obviously of its durability.
  • Easy support: Unlike the standard cooling units which could cause you a fortune while attempting to keep up with it, CoolDown Pro is very easy to stay aware of and really doesn’t cause a dime in its support.
  • Eco-accommodating: As we attempt to keep up with comfort, we should know about how safe the gadgets we use are for solid living. Consequently, the CoolDown Pro cooling unit is designed to be eco-accommodating and astoundingly protected to be used in our current circumstances. CoolDown Pro emanates no unsafe substances or artificial materials as it is very protected to be used wherever.
  • Increases effectiveness: Are you finding it hard to concentrate while working due to the bubbling summer warm which keeps you cleaning the rear of your hand over your brow now and again? Then you can express goodbye to all of that as the CoolDown Pro cooling unit goes with a second cooling impact which works unobtrusively and cools your space in split second. So with this cooling device, you can stay cool reliably, be agreeable anyplace and at whatever point and build your productivity the entire day!
  • Fast and helpful conveyance: The CoolDown Pro association doesn’t simply offer free transportation benefits yet moreover ensures that the bundle is sent right to your doorstep in a couple of days as it offers rapid and beneficial delivery administrations.
  • Pocket cordial tag: This state-of-the-art cooling innovation goes with a pocket accommodating label which suggests that you don’t have to deplete your financial balance or spending plan a ton to get this cooling unit for you along with your loved ones. You can truly prevail upon the bubbling summer heat without spending a ton.
  • Free transportation administrations: CoolDown Pro offers free conveyance administrations when you buy straightforwardly from the authority store using the connection given. So you absolutely get to pay for the item just and not concern yourself over the delivery charges.
  • Wonderful gift: With the intensity wave being on the addition, this cooling unit comes in as an ideal gift you can give a companion or relative. CoolDown Pro is battery-controlled, lightweight, minimized in size, and easy to use and can be talented to all classes of individuals to keep up with coolness all as the year progressed.
  • 100 percent consumer loyalty ensure: With all its sublime highlights and bewildering benefits, you verify getting 100 percent fulfillment concerning staying cool and revived all through this season.

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How does CoolDown Pro work?

CoolDown Pro uses a unique technology but still maintains the simplicity needed for an average user to operate. It has customized settings that allow you to alternate between different cooling options with a button toggle.

It also comes with a user manual in case you need a more detailed explanation of how it works.

CoolDown pro is a portable, ergonomically designed cooling device with user-friendly customized settings. This high-tech cooling unit has no difficult functions or complicated controls and can be operated without any technical skills or need of a technician.

The device has to be fully charged before usage. You can charge it with a Type-C USB charger, just like a smartphone. You may hang it around your neck and toggle the power button ON when fully charged. It takes about 10 seconds to start feeling a difference in the air around you.

Does The Cooldown Pro Work?

The CoolDown Pro works basically like most cooling systems. It is a wearable neck cooler that you can hang around your neck to transform your body from the unbearable heat of summer to a cool experience. The CoolDown Pro is rechargeable and features a long-lasting battery life that lasts for a very long time before needing a recharge. The CoolDown Pro works technically by taking away the heat and in turn blowing very cooling air into your face, and neck, and cooling your entire body.

CoolDown Pro is simply built to pump cool and refreshing air that will improve your cooling needs during the summer.  The cutting-edge CoolDown Pro is quite effective and once fully charged, the battery lasts for an extended period of time. The CoolDown Pro is fully packed with various amazing qualities. One of the identifiable qualities includes the fact that the CoolDown Pro is very easy to use. Even without technical knowledge or expertise skills, you can get your CoolDown Pro working within just a few seconds after receiving the product.

Is the Cooldown Pro Any Good?

We have no doubt that the CoolDown Pro works and works perfectly well. When you search around the internet, you will observe that the CoolDown Pro has attracted a number of reviews and ratings from people who have already started using the CoolDown Pro Neck Cooler. This shows that this CoolDown Pro works well and the positive Trustpilot reviews from online users and product reviewers are evidence of that.

The CoolDown Pro has numerous advantages including the fact that it is meant for your personal cooling preferences. This personal neck cooler is very light in weight and it is very portable, you can easily wear it around during the summer without feeling it weighing down on your neck. If you want an air cooler to take with you wherever you go, then this CoolDown Pro may just be the best for you.

The best way to know if a product works perfectly well is simply to just try it! The CoolDown Pro is made from high-quality materials that equip the fan with various qualities which will make sure that it is not only effective but that it lasts for a durable length of time. CoolDown Pro is built to run on low power consumption. Our team has no doubt that the CoolDown Pro stands out both in its appearance and in its functionality. There is definitely no better option than the personal CoolDown Pro. It functions perfectly well, and it is worth your money.

The CoolDown Pro Company is presently giving out the product at 50% discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within thirty days of receiving the item and get your money back. This takes away the risk from you and gives it back to the providers, so if you are not fully thrilled with your purchase, you can return your purchase and get your money fully refunded.

Who is cooldown pro effective neck cooler made for?

Cooldown pro effective neck cooler is a good air cooler that is innovative in power consumption and does not add extra bills to your monthly electricity bill. The fact that you can use a power bank to charge it is enough advantage over other brands.

As regards who this Cooldown pro is made for, it is made for everyone that wants the best air conditioner at an affordable price.

It is made for students who want a better air system in their homes. Even in classes, it is necessary to have it to ensure that you are cool while each lecture is going on. This gives you the comfort you deserve in your home.

Office owners who would always need a calm and we’ll ventilate room should also go for this air cooler as it is very simple, economical, and ready to be used. It has no complicated buttons or technicality within it. Farmers who can be tired when they came back from their farm work also need this device to enjoy their after-work rest.

If you are a lover of sports, this device is also good for you as it will help with your routine jogging, and other exercises you may routinely embark on. This device is available for everyone who priorities quality over quantity. Those who value subsidized products.

Why is CoolDown Pro the Best Cooling Unit in the Market?

CoolDown Pro Review - The Best Trending Personal Neck Air Cooler? 1

CoolDown Pro has been receiving quite a lot of rewards because it has met and even exceeded the expectations of many within the facet of creating available different cooling ranges to beat the scorching heat. This has made this cooling unit being rated among the finest, if not the perfect, in private cooling. The reason why this cooling unit ranks greater when in comparison with its counterparts include;

One is that CoolDown Pro comes with a speedy cooling impact which immediately cools down the temperature around you in just a few seconds. Not like the standard AC which takes as much as 10 to fifteen minutes, the CoolDown pro with prompt cooling impact permits no perspiration or sweating wherever and anytime.

One other is that this cooling unit is designed with a silent profile. With CoolDown pro, you’ll be able to say buh-bye to these loud buzzing that leaves you distracted throughout work hours in addition to causing sleepless nights.

Moreso, CoolDown Pro is an unimaginable power saver because it makes use of minimal electrical energy which saves you from all these insane electrical energy payments and helps you get monetary savings in addition to you conquer the warmth this season.

We are also recommending the following reviews for you as it will help you make informed decision:

Who Needs It?

CoolDown Pro is perfectly made for each and everyone who wants to maintain a cool body temperature under the scorching heat of summer. It is recommended for your personal use and you are meant to wear it just about your neck in order to pump cold air on your face which will cool your entire body. You can even consider buying the CoolDown Pro for your family members, friends, kids, and partner as a summer gift. The CoolDown Pro is made for everybody, and this includes the older folks and also the children.

In case you want the cooling and comfort that this personal wearable fan provides you in the days of summer, then you should hurry now to the official website to get your own CoolDown Pro before it is sold out. Purchasing from the product’s official page grants you some discounts off the normal price. Plus, you will take advantage of the hundred percent money-back guarantee for which is very important in case you are not satisfied with the device.

How Much CoolDown Pro Price?

The makers of the CoolDown Pro are currently offering the CoolDown Pro at lower prices. You can make payment via Credit card or PayPal. You have nothing to worry about transaction cyber fraud and hitches because your information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a very secure protocol. What this means is that your safe checkout is guaranteed. The CoolDown Pro official web store is currently offering four different packages:

  • You can buy the 1X CoolDown Pro for $99
  • Buy 2X BLAST PERSONAL FANS for $159
  • 3X BLAST PERSONAL FANs are sold for $297
  • Buy the 4X CoolDown Pro for $249

In addition to other things we have said, the Blast Auxiliary company offers buyers a 30-day no-hassles money back policy. Which means that if you are not satisfied for any reason with your CoolDown Pro within 30 days of receiving your purchase, you can simply contact the company’s customer care center for a full refund of your money with no questions asked! For more information on the return policy, you can contact the customer care center.

Where can I get It?

The CoolDown pro cooling unit is up for sale on the official site which is the manufacturer’s website. Purchasing this cooling unit directly from the official site guarantees you get the genuine and original cooling unit at the best prices. You also get to enjoy free shipping services as well as quick and convenient delivery services right to your doorstep. All you have to do is click on the link provided, fill in some necessary information that will be used in the delivery of the device to you and get this cooling device in a few days.

Payment for the purchase of CoolDown Pro can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover Network, and other credit cards.

Hurry now and purchase yours before you miss out on this great opportunity of staying cool and refreshed!

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Frequently Asked Question

How quickly does it cool?

CoolDown pro just as its name goes is professional at cooling down the temperature in a matter of seconds. So once this cooling unit is turned on, you start feeling the cooling effect within 60 seconds.

How is CoolDown pro charged?

CoolDown pro is charged using the USB cable that comes with the package. Just attach the power adapter into the port of the device and plug the other end into a wall outlet or a mains source. It’s charging does not take long at all.

Is the battery long-lasting?

Of course yes! CoolDown pro comes with a strong battery capacity which guarantees you long hours of coolness before needing another charge.

How can I purchase CoolDown pro?

CoolDown Pro is available for quick grabs on the official store which is the manufacturer’s site. All you have to do is click on the link provided, fill in some necessary details which will be used in the delivery and get this genuine device delivered to your doorstep freely in just a few days. Also, note that purchasing this cooling device from the official store using this link guarantees you’re buying the original product and saves you from scams. Payment for the purchase of CoolDown pro can be made using any credit card.

Why is Cooldown Pro Wearable Fan Special?

CoolDown Pro is a personal fan with two outputs. So many CoolDown Pro Reviews attest that the gadget has patented design and technology and features adjustable air flow to your neck and face.

What Types Of Batteries Does The Cooldown Pro Take?

The CoolDown Pro uses a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is conveniently strong, durable, and is meant to be powered using a standard USB cable. No need to worry about buying batteries. Once you charge your CoolDown Pro, it will be ready to last you till the next day or even more.


CoolDown pro is a super effective cooling unit designed ergonomically to grant users maximum comfort when it comes to staying cool and refreshed throughout the heating season. This cooling device comes with amazing built-in features which leave you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and save you from experiencing the heatwave this season. You can purchase this cooling item by clicking on the link provided and payment can be done via any credit card.


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