The environment that we live in is very unpredictable. Nature is definitely not under our control and more than often, we find ourselves in discomfort, especially with respect to the air that we breathe. Mankind has evolved endlessly, resulting in many environmental changes around us and it is the quality of the air that has impacted our evolution the most. For us to live peacefully the temperature of our surroundings needs to be at an optimum level so that it does not affect our health and wellness or comfort, in general.  

The temperature in your house can significantly impact comfort, health, and wellness. This is true in the winter or the summer. Overly hot conditions can lead to dehydration, lack of focus, and general irritability. Unfortunately for many, traditional air conditioners are expensive and often inefficient. That’s why small personal air coolers are becoming so popular. One stylish new model is the AirCooly Portable AC.

The AirCooly proves to be excellent value for the money. It can be used as a personal air cooler, a humidifier, or a fan. With this low-maintenance device, you may regulate the humidity level and temperature of your home’s air.

This AirCooly review will focus on its features and the advantages and price of acquiring this multi-functional device.

What is AirCooly?

What is AirCooly

AirCooly is a low-power air cooler that produces a pleasant breeze. It cools the air and also works as a fan. It has a simple design that allows anyone to use it without prior knowledge.

The device is powered by a 5W USB charging cable for low power consumption. It also has three fan speeds and three misting timing options. Depending on the needs of your surroundings, you can also choose between cold and warm misting.

AirCooly can be used in working and living spaces because it takes up little space and has a sleek design that fits various setups. It also comes in multiple colors so that you can choose your favorite. Because of its portability and adaptable charging system, it is also ideal for travel.

AirCooly is a proficient individual air cooling gadget which arrives in a compact and lightweight plan and assists you with cooling space shortly. This cutting edge cooling innovation is likewise intended to add clean dampness out of sight to forestall dryness of the nose, skin and eyes. AirCooly likewise saves energy unbelievably as it is charged utilizing a Type-C USB link which utilizes negligible power influence and saves you from extravagant power bills while assisting you with setting aside cash too.

This cutting-edge air cooler accompanies a quiet profile plan which makes this cooling unit remain silent even while in activity. Made of top-grade innovation materials, AirCooly makes certain to serve you for a long time as the exceptional nature of its materials ensures solidness.

  • Product material: ABS + CF + PC
  • Product color: White/Green/Pink
  • Product size: 109*109*293mm
  • Package size: 111*111*300mm
  • Operation power: 5W
  • Timing long spray: 3 hours
  • Fixing time spray: 6 hours
  • Tank capacity: 220ml
  • Toggle
  • Leafless ice fog fan; Straight down 15°
  • USB cable
  • Cotton swab x 2

AirCooly Features:

AirCooly (19).jpg

During the summer, the air gets excessively hot and loses its freshness. When the air in your room becomes too hot or dry, you may experience respiratory issues such as snoring, coughing, and nosebleeds. The AirCooly seeks to address these issues by adding moisture to the air in your room. Other than that, it has the following remarkable characteristics:

  • AirCooly adds moisture to the air and decreases dust levels. Air that is dry and dusty is a leading cause of severe coughing.
  • It is portable and lightweight. It is really simple to transfer it from one location to another and can fit into tight smaller areas.
  • AirCooly is cordless. Once the optimal location has been determined, fill it with water and install the water curtain, and it will be ready for use.
  • As said previously, it is incredibly easy to use. This device does not require tech skills to operate. Fill its tank with water and adjust it to the desired level, and you’re good to go.
  • This device is also known for the fact that it is silent. This means you can sleep quietly with the device on.

Usage Guide:

AirCooly is a lightweight and compact portable air cooler. It is rechargeable, so you may use it often to make your home habitable throughout the hot, dry summer months. To get the most out of your AirCooly, follow these steps:

  • Choose a level, stable spot at least 6 – 12 inches from the wall. The location should have a waterproof cover. Ensure the mist is not directed at any walls, furniture, or bedding.
  • Fill the tank with water (cool water, not hot or warm water). Replace the cap, then reinstall the tank into the humidifier.
  • When the AirCooly operates properly, a green light will illuminate on its control knob. Every 10 to 15 seconds, the apparatus will emit a visible mist.
  • When the required humidity level has been reached, you can adjust the mist output to a lower level. Your home will feel pleasant with a relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

How does the AirCooly AC work?

AirCooly air cooler is a portable yet viable personal air conditioning unit. It is easy to operate. The functions are easy to interpret. The device is user-friendly. You can use it without a technician’s assistance.

  • To begin with, you need to charge this cooling gadget to its full capacity.
  • Next, fill the water tank with water.
  • You can activate the cooling fan by toggling the switch on top of the device. 
  • The cooling fan turns to low speed the first time the switch is turned up. The fan shifts to mid when you move the lever up a second time. It goes to high-speed mode when you move the lever up a third time.
  • You can flip the switch in the opposite direction to turn on the humidifier. 

Advantages of AirCooly (AirCooly Review)

AirCooly enjoys various upper hands over standard individual air coolers, including:

AirCooly starts cooling the air around it following it is turned on, not at all like conventional forced air systems, which require 5 to 10 minutes to make up for lost time.

Twofold Conditioning: The gadget cools and saturates the air to set it up for utilization.

Quietness: The gadget utilizes a brushless engine that is quiet, permitting the AC to be utilized during working or resting hours when quiet is required. AirCooly has a basic control framework that can be utilized by a normal client without the help of a specialist. The AC utilizes a low-power engine and can work on a battery charge.

Versatility: The gadget’s little size and underlying battery make it ideal for movement.

Excellent ABS material: AirCooly is made of top notch ABS material, keeping water from getting into the AC’s basic electric parts.
AirCooly can decrease surrounding temperatures by up to 12 degrees.

Is it easy to use?

One thing is for sure; making AirCooly a part of your daily routine will be far easier than you think. Here are some basic steps you can follow to get the most out of it:

  1. Make sure the device is fully charged. You can charge it from your phone adaptor, laptop, or power bank!
  2. Fill the cartridge with fresh and clean water. The cartridge is located at the bottom of AirCooly.
  3. Place the cooler at your preferred spot. Thanks to its compact size, this can be anywhere you like!
  4. Choose the fan speed you want. Toggle the switch upwards to activate the lowest setting. Toggle it once again for the medium speed and a third one to set it to the highest. It’s up to you!
  5. Decide the level of moisture you prefer. You can set the device to a continuous misting mode by pressing the button downwards. You can press it again for the intermitting way.
  6. In both cases, AirCooly has safety feature that automatically shuts down the misting mode after certain hours.

Note: The packaging includes detailed instructions on properly using the cooler. We are confident you’ll get the hang of it on your first try!

So what makes it so unique?

Different fan options

At last, you don’t have to settle for temperatures you don’t like. Choose the intensity you prefer and enjoy a cool breeze coming your way!

Two misting modes

Toggle between a continuous misting mode and an intermitting one to keep the air around you moisturized. Both options are equally safe as the device automatically shuts down the moisturizing after certain hours.

Efficient moisturizing

Relaxing in your personal space with dry air surrounding you can be challenging. Time to tone down the soreness with AirCooly!

Silent operation

Traditional fans and coolers with their obnoxious noises belong in the past. AirCooly can work flawlessly while you sleep or work without disrupting you!

USB rechargeable

Forget about complex cords that frustrate you. This cooler can be recharged with a USB cable, making the user experience much easier!

Refreshing breeze

Staying cool and relaxing is crucial whether you are at your home or workplace. This cooler can offer you an instant chilly breeze without costing a fortune!

Is the AirCooly air cooler a Good product?

The AirCooly air cooler is a genuine and authorized method of temperature regulation. There is no way that this is a hoax. The superb cooling effectiveness of this product is still attested to by a large number of users from all over the world. This cooling gadget is only available for purchase from the official website. You will save money while still receiving the genuine product if you go about it this way.

What makes AirCooly the #1 Air Cooling Gadget in the USA, Canada, Australia, & UK? 

You can easily find numerous testimonials in support of the AirCooly cooling system. It is now ranked higher than its competitors in the market. 

  • AirCooly has an immediate cooling effect. Once this cooling gadget is turned on, you start to feel the cozy refreshing wind. 
  • AirCooly works in silent mode. You can work without interruptions while stay comfortable while sleeping.
  • AirCooly device improves the air’s moisture quality. It is designed with a built-in humidifier and ensures that the atmosphere stays moisturized.
  • It intends to use less electricity. In other words, it saves you from the exorbitant electricity bills.
  • Lastly, AirCooly comes with a budget friendly tag. You don’t need to break your account or budget a lot to get this high-tech cooling device. 

Here’s what verified users of AirCooly had to say:

I was looking for a reliable cooling option for my workplace since we don’t run the AC all the time. Needless to say, AirCooly has been a game-changer for me. Efficient cooling while it operates in pure silence. What more could I ask for?Melinda W.

It works well despite its compact size. So far, I haven’t had any issues with AirCooly. It has delivered excellent results from day one. Plus, I love its retro style so much as it compliments my house decor!Rita P.

My dad got this for me as a gift for my new apartment. I never had a portable air cooler before, but this one impressed me. The fact that it also works as a humidifier is very nice, especially during the summer months.George K

How can I get it?

AirCooly is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s dedicated website. Don’t worry if you’re new to online shopping. The process can be pretty fast and easy, even for inexperienced buyers. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Choose from 3 unique colors and the number of units you want.
  3. Claim up to 70% discount and free shipping!
AirCooly (30).jpg

Frequently Asked Question

Might I at any point set the AirCooly to cool to a specific temperature?

No, the outer air temperature and dampness will affect the active temperature. The AirCooly has three degrees of wind timing clouding settings and two unique humidifier settings which control wind stream and water dampness. These settings will assist with cooling the air quicker as it travels through the gadget.

How is AirCooly charged?

AirCooly is charged utilizing the USB link that accompanies the bundle. Simply connect the power connector into the port of the gadget and fitting the opposite end into a wall power source or a mains source. AirCooly accompanies major areas of strength for a limit which makes certain to keep going for quite a long time, in this manner, allowing you to appreciate extended periods of new coolness.

Is it possible to buy AirCooly coolers on Amazon?

Regrettably, no. Only the official AirCooly online store is authorized to sell the product to interested customers. You may be certain that you will receive a genuine product at the most affordable price.

How does the AirCooly system work?

AirCooly is user-friendly. It needs no technological expertise. Anyone can use it. This device needs to be charged fully. Then fill the water tank located in the cooling unit’s bottom compartment. And, switch it on. 

Is the Aircooly air humidifier worth buying?

Aircooly air humidifier device is worth buying as it really makes the air around to be cool and good for breathing. It is also good and helps you enjoy your afternoon and night sleep as it helps a lot to make your sleep calm.

Does the Personal air cooler contain chemicals?

This device does not contain any chemicals. It cools the air and moisturizes it with the help of the ice cubes. The ice cubes within the chamber of the Personal air cooler make the air cool and only by it is the air made cool. No chemical is needed for the air to be cool.


AirCooly is a cool mist, mold-resistant humidifier, fan, and personal air cooler with a lightweight, space-saving design. A single button lets you choose between three fan speeds. By lowering the temperature, air coolers like AirCooly help people breathe and sleep better.

In addition, each unit has an adjustable mist strength dial that lets you fine-tune the production of the cooling mist, making it ideal for both the nursery and the bedroom. This is a must-have device because of its whisper-quiet operation and affordable pricing. This air cooler works everywhere. You can place it next to your bed, in the kitchen, living room, automobile, and workplace and even take it camping.

Don’t wait. Get your AirCooly Today!

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